While Croatia is a predominantly Catholic nation, the reality is that many people do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. Protestant believers make up only 0.34% of the population. Studies show that approximately 2.5% of a population are spiritually seeking, but it would take a large amount of time and resources to find them personally.We are using social media to find those 2.5% who are already spiritual seekers and invite them to discover Jesus, follow Him, and gather together in newly formed churches that multiply.

What’s the end goal? 

A.k.a Vision

Our vision is to see a disciple making movement among the Croatian people across all the regions of Croatia. We desire that everyone in the country will have the opportunity to get to know and share the good news of Jesus. We consider a movement as starting when there are 4 different streams of 4th generation churches in Croatia. We are praying to reach this point by 2024. Simply stated, our goal is to see 4 X 4 X 2024. 

How will you achieve that?

A.k.a Mission

With God’s help, we will prayerfully achieve this by accelerating the disciple making process using social media and our website. Our unique approach will be to regularly create relevant content and ads targeting people in Croatia which identify and engage spiritual seekers. We immediately move to meet them and the people they know offline; discovering and obeying God’s Word with them, inviting them to follow Jesus and make disciples, and forming them into churches that multiply.

What do you value?

A.k.a Values

  • Groups – We believe that planting churches is best accomplished through discipling existing social groups (family, friends, co-workers, etc.)
  • Discovery – We don’t supply every answer from the beginning. We seek to use the Discovery Bible Study method for Croats to learn about God, His teachings, and what the Gospel is through His Word.
  • Prayer – A church planting movement is a movement of the Holy Spirit, so abundant prayer is critical throughout the entire M2DMM process.
  • Partnership – We acknowledge our limited knowledge and resources and seek to develop strategic partnerships with disciples and churches alike to combine our resources and efforts to reach our communities.
  • Candid evaluation – Freedom to lovingly critique our work.
  • Perseverance – Failure is mandatory, so let’s fail forward, keep learning, and together overcome the many obstacles ahead.
  • Team – All roles are important and necessary, and we must work together.
  • Faith – Although we seek best practices, our trust is in God and His grace, not our work.
  • Spiritual warfare and fruit – Our battle is spiritual, and so is the fruit. It comes from God and not us.

How can I join?

This is a big vision – we need others!

1) Partnership Information

Read information about partnership so that you know what to expect.

2) Questionnaire

Fill out a questionnaire so that we get to know you more.

3) Interview

Have an interview with our team so that we can answer each other’s questions.

4) Disciple Making Training

Attend a disciple making training so that you learn how to make disciples who make disciples. It’s possible that from a previous interview, our Team will understand that you’ve had training already and in what capacity you might need more.

5) Media Training

Attend media training so that you’re ready for the practical part of our partnership.

6) Partnership Agreement

We will mutually confirm that we are ready to work together.